Safari Gear

With limits on luggage leaving little space for unnecessary items, you will only want to pack the most
essential gear to make your safari more comfortable. As such, consider packing the following gear:

  • Camera with dust cover and waterproof bag
  • Extra memory cards and batteries
  • Binoculars (magnification power 8x is recommended)
  • Electrical adapters
  • Headlamp/flashlight
  • Leave the drones at home (they are banned in most locations)

Keep in mind that the items on your packing list will be defined mainly by a few different factors
including your destination, the type of safari you'll be going on and also the total duration of your trip.
Safari Packing FAQs
What to pack for a safari in Kenya & Tanzania ?
Depending on when and where you're travelling in Africa, you will require clothes of all kinds. For
your all-inclusive list of clothes to pack on a safari, consider the list below:

  • Pants and long sleeve t-shirts for bush walks and game drives (to minimise sun exposure)
  • Comfortable closed-toe shoes (no bright colours)
  • Flip flops for the camp
  • A wide-brimmed hat (wide enough to cover face and neck)
  • Windbreaker/ fleece jacket
  • Bandana (can act as both a hat and sweatband; can be dipped in cold water on hot days)
  • Sports bra for ladies

We recommend the following:
Pack minimal - there will most likely be a washing service
Skip the flashy colours, and opt for khaki and tan (white is not practical, blue and black attract Tse-Tse
Avoid delicate clothing or materials that take longer to drytones are the best and consider packing
beige or khaki coloured clothing. Please note: wearing clothes with a camouflage pattern is banned in
some countries and it's best to avoid it altogether.
Be sure you bring money in USD, preferably printed after 2013 to eliminate any concerns regarding
possible rejection. Your money should be in good condition without any tears or rips.. Pack your anti-
malaria tablets and electrical adapters with a plug type G. Don't forget that plastic of all kinds is banned
in Kenya.

What to wear on safari evenings?
Evenings on your safari can get quite cold, so pack long sleeves, pants and a fleece jacket to stay
warm. Depending on the type of accommodation during your safari, there may be a more official dress
code in place, but dining is usually casual, so no shirts or dresses are needed, and flat shoes are

Can you wear jeans on a safari?
Yes, you can. However, it is not recommended. With high temperatures, it’s best to wear
breathable materials such as cotton. Save jeans for evenings at the camp.

What are the best luggage types for a safari trip?
Skip the hard shell, large rectangular luggage in favour of a soft duffel bag or backpack. In most
cases, you will be restricted to a weight limit of 15 kg for all your luggage so pack accordingly.

What colours should you wear on a safari?
When packing clothes and shoes for your safari, avoid bright colours, and specifically avoid black,
blue and red. Neutral

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